What YOU Said – Your 2013 Goals

We’ve talked about setting our goals for 2013 and how beneficial we find making a plan to be. Working toward a specific end is essential for moving forward in life and business, isn’t it?

We asked about YOUR goals on Facebook and Twitter, and here’s what a few of you had to say!

Write an ebook. Finally.
Lori Seaborg

Increase readership and engagement.
Lisa Waszkiewicz

Quality over quantity is my mantra this year.
Allison McDonald

To get my shop up & running!

I want to double my traffic this year and start up an etsy shop.
Jaime Roubinek

Treat my blog like a job instead of a hobby!

Finish my 2 ebooks!
Neely Stoller

Try my hand at online video writing/grammar tutorials.

Stay on my blogging schedule! I manage a personal and business blog and I get off track from time to time.
Brittany N. Bluford

My goal is to be more open and not worry about being judged or feel embarrassed about what I have to say.

 Now it’s your turn – tell us your 2013 online entrepreneurship goals in the comments!

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