What YOU Said: Top Tips For Conference Newcomers


First time at BlissDom? Never fear!

Our seasoned alumni have come to your aid with a treasure chest of tips and helpful suggestions for making it through your first conference with ease and grace and hopefully no anxiety!

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, newcomers take note! Banish those nerves! You’re our favorite rock stars and we are all eager to shower you with love and acceptance.

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Comfortable shoes, bottle of water, an open mind and don’t miss the opening keynote. : )
Scott Stratten

Go outside your comfort zone – room with someone you don’t know, sit at different tables each time.
Heather Cloudt

Wear comfy shoes, be prepared to find glitter in random places after you return home and to feel truly inspired. Be yourself, ask questions at the sessions, in the hallway, at lunch and everywhere – soak up the awesomeness!
Sommer Poquette

Comfy shoes!!!
Becca Ludlum

Don’t be offended when a blogger you really wanted to meet doesn’t seem to notice. She probably loved meeting you and just didn’t know how to handle it. We are socially awkward women who usually hide behind our laptops.
Heather Sokol

Just have fun. BlissDom is a comfy place to be YOU, be celebrated and meet others who share your passion. Say hi to everyone- I met my 3 closest friends at BlissDom 2011 and its just because I said hi in the hall and- find me: I’m a hugger!!
Kristi Bartlett

Liza Hippler

No one in that room is going to check your blog stats before they say hello to you.
Lisa Nelsen-Woods

Be brave. Be present. Be yourself.
Lisa Waszkiewicz

Introduce yourself to people. At least 1/2 of the attendees are new to blogging or to attending a conference, so there’s nothing to be worried about. You’ll find common ground in so many areas whether it’s blogging niche, where you live/grew up/got married, dietary restrictions, etc. Several of my best blogging friends I met at BlissDom!
Sara Hawkins


  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m excited about my first Blissdom! Xo

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