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Announcing the BlissDom ’13  Tracks: Business, Writing, Life Development and Photography

The four BlissDom ’13 tracks, Business, Writing, Life Development, and Photography, touch upon key aspects of our everyday lives, from our work to our leisure.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your brand, a writer searching for your authentic voice, a photographer hoping to create beautiful works, or just need to remember how to dream big…our tracks not only have something for everyone, they all have something for YOU.

So take a few moments, consider where you are and where you want to be…then get excited.  Our BlissDom ’13 tracks will inspire, motivate, and be the catalyst for catapulting you towards the greatness you desire.




Our businesses began as passions, but even the most brilliant of passions need good planning. Entrepreneurial success may start out of a burst of creativity and energy but also requires meticulous planning, strategy and most likely, many late nights.  Our 2013 Business track is built upon the stellar foundations of some of the most groundbreaking speakers in the field. They expect nothing but your best and, even more importantly, they know how to help you find it within yourselves.

BlissDom has a remarkable history of attendees gaining so much inspiration from their weekend of Bliss that many have started new businesses shortly thereafter. We want to give those of you who’ve already started, an opportunity to identify and work on your goals and gain valuable take-aways – and hopefully, inspire more of you to begin.


BlissDom is the only conference that focuses on writing development year after year.  For many of us, writing is the lifeblood of our work. It’s the core around which all else is built. The need to share stories and ideas is what draws us together, while the ability to share those stories and ideas effectively is what makes us a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.

Our medium, the written word, is subtle and artistic, effective and graceful; it’s crucial to our success to ensure we use it to its greatest effect on both a practical and artistic scale.  Our 2013 Writing track guides you creatively, sparking momentum, and will lead you lovingly through the art of constructive feedback without all of that icky stage fright.

 Life Development

Life Development is about living your own life better. About finding your true path and navigating it in a way that fulfills you and broadens your horizons.  These sessions have been carefully chosen and are honed to help us live our lives deliberately. As creative people, without understanding our “Why”, we are prone to burnout and misdirection.

This year, through the Life Development track, we will ignite (or reignite) our fires. We’ll have presenters who will help us assess our paths, seek our happiness, and identify any need for course correction so we can surge forward.




Our most popular Wisdom Workshop ‘grows up’ to striking stature for a full track of hands-on learning that will take you far from the green square.  Notable photographers will guide you through their work and reflect on their own paths, helping you to learn from their experience.  Practical hands-on work with your own camera, including small group instruction and Q&A, will help you take your images from the snapshot to the sublime.


Session Formats

Like last year, the Business and Life Development Tracks format will follow a 30-30 format. It is designed to clarify the message, maximize your learning, and help you create a tangible “To-Do” list to put everything you’ve learned into action. No more walking out of the session wondering how the subject applies to you.  The format will allow you to learn, discuss, theorize, bounce ideas off of one another, and dig deeper in to your own dreams and goals to start doing.

Each 60 minute session will consist of two phases:

PresentationTeaching. Professional speakers will be given the floor and will stretch the boundaries of your minds and souls as they present the case studies, anecdotes, and ideas that are the hallmark of our most successful BlissDom sessions.

Small Group MastermindCollaboration. After you’ve absorbed the wisdom of the speakers, we will break into smaller facilitated groups for discussion. Each group will be led by a Community Leader, chosen specifically by BlissDom for their expertise in a niche or specialty area.  The Community Leader will guide the discussion using specially-prepared ‘mastermind materials’ to both spark conversation in the group as well as internal dialogue.  This is when you have the opportunity to not only digest what you’ve learned from the speaker but also translate it to your specific needs.

The Photography Track format will also have a hands-on workshop feel over the course of each day.  Each session’s format will be determined by the professional presenter.  We guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to roll-up your sleeves and really get some work done.