Top 15 Phrases You’ll Never Hear At A Social Media Conference

Ever wonder what your fellow event attendees are thinking as they walk the halls of conference centers and hotels? We can’t claim to read minds, but we can tell you what people definitely are not thinking!

Our BlissDom founder, Alli Worthington, posed an amusing question on her Facebook page last week, asking former attendees what they wouldn’t say at a conference or large social media event. The tongue-in-cheek responses both cracked us up and made us think!

Check out a few of our favorites!


 These shoes are adorable *and* comfortable. I wish I had to walk just a little further.
Bridget Martin Ivey

Love how everyone I gave a business card to signs me up for their newsletter automatically. SO much time saved that way.
Angela England

There was more than enough food. I was never STARVING AND READY TO CHEW OFF MY WRISTS.
Katherine Stone

Oh, dear! I forgot to bring a camera. How will anyone remember this conference??
Erica Mueller

Wow, you look much better in person than you do on your avatar!
Alli Worthington

I wish more people used the word “ninja” in their bio.
Tsh Oxenrider

I’ll never have enough name tag lanyards!
Amanda Sims

I love the fact that the temperature in here is a gamble! Parka or tank top, dice roll!
Jacqueline Cromwell

I wish they held this very popular session in a smaller, cozier room.
Kim Moldofsky

Man, this Chris Mann guy isn’t that attractive…
Heather Brown

I wish breakfast came with less bacon.
Erica Mueller

I wish I could share the bathroom with more people.
Amy Allen Clark

I didn’t fret about my wardrobe & shoe choices while packing, I just brought whatever was clean.
Malia Carden

This is the fastest wifi I’ve ever used.
Fadra Nally

I look so HAWT in this yellow ballroom lighting.
Jennifer Murray

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  1. These are great! lol

  2. Ike Pigott says:

    “Why don’t you sit here at the end, so you can reach the plug and charge that laptop?”

  3. I particularly love the ninja one. Wow, it’s amazing how people attach to a word and suck the life out of it!

  4. ha! Love those!!!

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