Time Management For Home Entrepreneurs

Is your office the spare room? Or better yet, the kitchen table after Cheerios and crafts? Many of us are work from home entrepreneurs, juggling busy families, work commitments and homes. And it can be tough! Take a peek at our top tips for Work At Home Entrepreneurs and get more productivity out of your busy day!

Create a designated work area. Setting up on the kitchen counter every day means you lose precious minutes trying to get reorganized and situated. Even if it’s just a dedicated corner or desk, assign a spot and make it yours – also suggested by this article on MomComm.

Make a schedule. Plan your precious work minutes out every morning, then respect your own schedule. For example, set a specific 30 minutes of your day aside for email, then shut your inbox down. Pencil in time for your calls and respect the start and finish time.  As this article in Entrepreneur.com says, “The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.”

Find your time suckers and zap them. Do you sit down for your precious hour to actually work, but then find yourself scrolling through Twitter? We all do it. Find yourself some great productivity tools and use them. For example, apps like Leechblock will cut off access to time-sucking websites during your work times.

Set Boundaries. Ensure your family knows that when mom’s working, she’s working. And then, shut the laptop and turn the smartphone OFF over suppertime or during evening snuggles. Be 100% present for your family during their time, and they’ll be more likely to respect your work time – and it’s healthier for everyone.

Work when it works for you. Maybe you get up before everyone else to get some writing done. Maybe you prefer to run errands in the morning and answer emails late at night. Find out the time that works for you and fit it in to your day. Like this article from WorkArrow says, we all know it’s about the output, not the schedule.

Always carry a notebook (and a pen).  In a busy day filled with distractions, you could come up with The Next Great Thing while you’re at the grocery store. Keep a notepad handy to jot down everything – and don’t forget to check it later.

What are your top productivity tips? Let us know below!



  1. This is great! I think the hardest one for me is the schedule – my work time is squeezed into whenever I snag a chance to work since I have a toddler at home. If he decides not to nap, needs a lot of attention, etc etc – it’s so hard and unpredictable to schedule my day with that! I try to keep a to do list running on my computer and phone, so if I get a few minutes, I can hammer something out.

    My email is sadly neglected as a result. though!

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