Photography (And Video!) Workshop Speakers

Photography (And Video!) Workshops

The BlissDom family is full of professional photographers, up and comers, iPhone photographers and those with big cameras who still use automatic settings. (What? It’s true. We don’t judge!)

Notable photographers who are as not only extremely talented, but equally thoughtful teachers, will guide you through their work, their vision and reflect on their own paths, helping you to learn from their experience.  Photographers, as creative entrepreneurs, will learn branding and digital marketing tools to build their clientele.

Practical hands-on work with your own camera, including small group instruction and Q&A, will help you take your work  to the next level.


Lucrecer Braxton

Twitter: @lucrecerbraxton  Website:

Lucrecer Braxton is an award-winning photographer based out of Cincinnati, OH. She started shooting photography in her early 30s during her “what in the hell am I going to do with my life” mini crisis. As a life-long visual artist, photography gave her an opportunity to see life with a new perspective. By shooting thousands of self-portraits, she developed an eye for shooting with natural light and learned to love herself unconditionally in the process. Self-portraiture lends itself to seeing what is truly there and this one basic change in perspective makes any photographer a better shooter.

Lucrecer has been an Ignite keynote speaker, Craft workshop instructor, community leader and panelist for various conferences around the country. Lucrecer brings a unique perspective of authentic storytelling through mixed-media art journaling, portraiture and words.

Born in Georgia and living in the Midwest, Lucrecer credits her Air Force kid traveling days molding her sense of adventure. Living in various cities and countries like Great Falls, MT, Tampa Bay, FL, Mildenhall and Lakenheath, England keep her in a state of constant wanderlust and refusal to settle for mediocrity. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Graphics degree from Central State University, Wilberforce, OH and has an extensive background in graphic design, marketing communications, art, design, writing and social media. She has three awesome children and writes Living the Good Life with intention and on purpose.

Lucrecer’s Session: Simple And Effective Tips For Better Portraits


Anna Epp

Twitter:  @beach_mama  Web: Anna Epp Photography

Anna Epp is a professional photographer based in Ottawa, Canada who loves nothing more than capturing the beauty in peoples faces.  A photographer for the last 23 years, 5 of them professionally, most of her work is centred around people and capturing those special moments in time.  Anna started out back in the days of film and switched to digital photography ten years ago and hasn’t looked back.  Anna’s love of the beach carries her through long Canadian winters. Anna lives for most of the year in Ottawa, Canada with her Husband, Stepson (20), Son ( 9) and Daughter ( 5) summers and long weekends she can be found in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware living life as Beach_Mama. Anna’s work can be found on her website Anna Epp Photography. Anna also has a personal blog, Life is Good… At the Beach, that sometimes gets put on the back burner when life gets too crazy.

Anna’s Session: Rock Your Camera


David Molnar

Twitter: @davidmolnar Web:

David Molnar is a celebrity, music & advertising photographer with clients such as Dolby, Sony, EMI, March of Dimes & Atlantic Records. David travels the world specializing in celebrity, music and advertising photo shoots and also telling cheesy dad jokes while wearing a blue v-neck from H&M. He has photographed platinum selling album covers and his work has been featured in People Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, USA TODAY and many others. He also serves on the board of directors for, a non-profit committed to eradicating hunger, disease and extreme poverty. He has been married to his wife Tammy for 6 years, 8 months, 5 days and is a soon to be Dad.

David’s Sessions: Why We ARE All Photographers



Alli Worthington

Twitter:  @alli  Web:

Alli an entrepreneur who connects smart people and big ideas. She is the co-founder of BlissDom, serial entrepreneur, humanitarian, popular speaker and digital strategist. She lives outside Nashville with her husband, their five sons and way too many pets.


Maker Studios Mom’s View Team

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 12.56.06 PM

Carlie Butler

Twitter:  @carliestylezz Web:

Carlie is a single mother who embraces life for all its wonder and humor.  Open, confident and devastatingly funny, Carlie is unafraid to bring a little edge to TheMomsView couch.  Through her own YouTube channel (CarlieStylez), Carlie loves helping other single mothers (and fathers) navigate through the ups and downs of parenthood and how to retain part of yourself when you’re giving everything to your children.  In between her parenting tips, Carlie is dedicated to making your world a happier place, whether it’s through fashion and beauty, or health and fitness advice.  With a feisty sense of humor and candid conversations, Carlie is a fearless, fun blonde who lives it up… online.

Carlie’s Session: Demystifying YouTube: Getting Started


Kayli Butler

Kayli Butler

Twitter: @hey_kayli  Web:

Kayli is a sweetheart mother of two, with a blackbelt in beauty. On her YouTube channel (HeyKayli), this DIY (Do It Yourself) blue-eyed blonde walks viewers through the how to’s of just about everything. From hair and nails, to cooking and crafts, Kayli’s armed (but not dangerous) with a toolbox of treats to engage her fans. Kayli has also used her YouTube channel as an important platform educating young women on body and weight related issues, something she’s confronted in her own life.  Her soft-spoken personality is highlighted by her strong approach to tackling anything in life.  Charming, positive and uplifting, Kayli is all about feeling beautiful on the inside and out.

Kayli’s Session: Demystifying YouTube: Getting Started


Sarah Malkin

Sarah Malkin

Twitter:  @sarahbenjamino Web:

Sarah Malkin helms Branded Entertainment for Maker Studios, a next-generation media company that bridges the gap between YouTube and Television. Malkin drives integrations across more than 10,000 channels, working collaboratively with big brands, Maker-created programs, and YouTube talent in the Maker network.

Prior to her focus on integrated content, Malkin served as the Director of Programming for TheMomsView network. Malkin, along with Maker co-founder and g.m. Lisa Donovan, was a driving force behind this lifestyle hub, making it the #1 network for moms on YouTube. TheMomsView is an interactive channel where real moms have fun creating original content and is home to YouTube channels from across the globe, with now over 175 million video views. The channel’s flagship weekly series is a 30-minute chat show that features moms who answer viewer questions, share personal stories, host special guests, and engage with other girls and women.
Prior to Maker, Malkin served as senior administrator and instructor at the New York Film Academy, was Producing Director at Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA, and has developed new works for screen and stage (New York Theatre Workshop, The Women’s Project, The Magic Theatre, and more).

Sarah’s Session: Demystifying YouTube: Getting Started



Mindy McKnight

Twitter:  @CuteGirlHair Web:

As the mother of five girls (and a boy!), Mindy McKnight is an expert in creating “cute girl’s hairstyles.” She provides photo and video instructions for all things hair—braids, buns, twists, flips, ponytails, pigtails, knots, and more, with the help of her family, on her rapidly growing YouTube channel CuteGirlsHairstyles.

In July 2012, Mindy joined Maker Studios, a next-generation talent first media company, teaming up with one of the fastest growing digital networks in the online space. Mindy has been featured on ABC News, “20/20,” The Huffington Post, and “Anderson LIVE,” among others. She is also a strong advocate for adoption, having adopted two children of her own with her husband, encouraging families to be open to the idea which has completed her family.

Mindy’s Session: Demystifying YouTube: Getting Started