Personal Sponsorships – Our Philosophy

We all know what limits some of us when we want to plan to go to events and conferences. That’s right…cost.

BlissDom is a women’s blogging conference unlike any other. We combine the easygoing friendliness of a get-together with your best girlfriends along with the sharing of resources and intensive learning normally only found at high-stress business conferences.

BlissDom combines the business with the pleasure. Everything about BlissDom is integrated seamlessly.

This also describes our philosophy about those wonderful companies who sponsor the BlissDom conference. They are the reason we are able to spoil ya’ll at the Opryland Hotel and bring you the best writing and business talent from all over the country. BlissDom sponsors are an integral part of the conference and are there to build relationships and have open dialogue with today’s most influential digital women in the blogosphere.

Full disclosure – The cost of a BlissDom conference pass doesn’t even cover the catering costs per person for the conference.

Think about that for a moment. BlissDom loses money on every ticket sold. We are taking a risk on your behalf. We want you here and we hope to help you get here. BlissDom attendees are the best of the best: smart, professional, friendly and fun.

So, how do we honor the companies who get the coveted position of BlissDom sponsors? We know they are there for far more than swag distribution, so we include them as our partners of the event, because without them, there is no event.

Personal Sponsorship Guidelines

The BlissDom conference space is reserved for official sponsors who support BlissDom. These folks have earned the right to be represented properly and respectfully on-site at the event. It sounds so logical yet, at recent events, we’ve seen the boundaries being pushed at every turn by those who felt they also had an obligation to their own ‘personal sponsor’.


We understand why it’s happening and we encourage as many attendees as possible to find a way to get to the conference, but we also want to offer our attendees smart solutions to satisfy their personal sponsors, but also being respectful of the official sponsors.

To that end, we feel there is a need to make sure that we establish some guidelines and provide some helpful suggestions for those individuals who may be personally sponsored by another company to attend the BlissDom conference.

Suggestions of how to manage your personal conference sponsorship:

Conferences are a whirlwind of learning, networking and friendship. When you drop miscellaneous flyers on an exhibit table or awkwardly hand out a sample in the middle of a conversation, you ultimately are not doing yourself or your personal sponsor justice.

Bloggers have a powerful platform that is so often overlooked. A personal sponsorship is a business transaction. In return for conference expenses, the individual attendee can craft a creative, multi-tiered, integrated campaign on behalf of the sponsoring company.

Campaigns can consist of sidebar advertising for a block of time before, during and after BlissDom. A certain number of articles on behalf of the sponsor can also be included as part of the campaign. What about newsletter blasts, Facebook and Twitter support? Along with full disclosure of the relationship, the sponsor can be worked naturally into your site and your social media footprint.

We cannot allow swag, flyers or other items from unofficial sponsors to be passed out on-site in the BlissDom ballrooms or exhibit area. We just want to make it clear in advance so it’s not an uncomfortable situation. Please spread the word. There is the potential to have your conference pass revoked and that would be awkward for everyone involved. It’s plain and simple (and logical), we need everyone to properly support the official BlissDom sponsors who help make the whole event happen.

But don’t stress, there’s so much more you can offer your sponsor to support them than passing ‘stuff’ out and there is a way to honor the official BlissDom sponsors and honor individual sponsorships in a successful way.