Networking 101: Schmoozing Like A Pro!

We hear it every year: you’re nervous! How can you possibly go in to a room with hundreds of women – some of whom you’ve been reading and admiring for years and who are your social media idols – and talk to people like a boss? This may surprise you, but it’s intimidating for everyone. So don’t worry: We are set with some great tips to help you take on the room and network like a pro!

1. Make connections ahead of time. Reach out to the people you’ve known for a while and who will also be traveling to BlissDom ’13 and make some plans. If you have a base of people you already know, it’s much easier to get comfortable in a big room. Also make sure you join the BlissDom ’13 Facebook groups for attendees and for newcomers – Networking Groups are an easy, natural way to connect according to Business Insider’s Article How To Network Like A Pro.

2. Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready. In the months to come we’ll be publishing an article helping you with your own Elevator Pitch – the first statement you make when someone says, so, what do YOU do? You want to be able to say it smoothly and easily and clearly so that the person you’re talking to will go, wow! That sounds cool! Like they say in this article from – How To Network – 12 tips for Shy People – be prepared!

3. Listen. Listen. Listen. Then Ask Questions. If you’re getting in to a conversation with someone, really listen to what they have to say. And don’t be afraid to ask questions – they love talking about their business as much as you do!  BlissDom Alumnus Michael Hyatt gives you 7 Suggestions For Asking More Powerful Questions in this inspiring article.

4. Nurture the connections you have, including family (just like Richard Branson says!). The best way to meet people is through the people you already know.

5. Remember Everyone’s Names! It’s one of the hardest things to do when you’re meeting so many people at once, but it’s also an amazing way to make an impression – think of how flattered you are when someone you just met remembers your name! Here’s some tips from BlissDom Family Alumnus Amber Mac on How To Remember Names.

What are your favorite networking tips? What’s worked for you to help you overcome nerves and work the room? Post them in the comments below.

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