Make Your Site Sparkle Before BlissDom! 5 Things You Can Do Today

Heading to BlissDom?

Want to spruce up your blog a little before everyone starts visiting it?

You’re in the right place! Here are five quick and easy ways to make your blog sparkle before Blissdom!

1. Move those icons up!

People are looking at your blog because they want to connect with you. Let them easily know how to find you by moving your social media icons to the top of your sidebar! While you’re at it, it’s worth a few clicks to make sure your icons are linked properly.

2. Evaluate your navigation bar.

Too many choices can be overwhelming, and not enough can leave people looking for information. The staples of a good navigation bar are About and Contact. Close seconds are Advertise, Policies/Disclosures, Blog Roll, or Brands that you have worked with.

3. Update your photo!

Make sure I can recognize your smiling face when I see you at Blissdom! I’d rather see a photo of you smiling at last month’s birthday party than a professional photo of you from 5 years ago – it’s easier to tell who you are!

4. Clear out sidebar clutter.

Last year’s BlissDom badge? Affiliate links that you never use? Clear out everything that is cluttering your sidebar to make sure your blog’s personality shines bright during BlissDom!

5. Write a welcome post!

You’re going to meet a lot of new people at BlissDom, and you probably won’t be posting much while you’re there. Adding a welcome post to your blog reminds your current readers that you’re away for a few days and welcomes your new readers with a big hug. Give them a short description of who you are and maybe even some links to your favorite posts.

After these quick five steps, your blog will thank you for the facelift! See you at BlissDom, ya’ll!


BeccaBecca Ludlum writes at Our Crazy Boys about life with two of the craziest tweens in Arizona. Mostly funny, sometimes sweet, always entertaining. Look for Becca at BlissDom ’13 as a Blogging 101 Community Leader!


  1. Hanan says:

    Great tips Becca!

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