BlissDom is the premier conference for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online. BlissDom ’13, our ninth conference (including three BlissDom Canada events held in Toronto), is a welcoming oasis in the ever-changing blogging world. Speakers and panels featuring the best blogging, public relations and social media pros will be gathering to mentor new and old friends alike.

This is an exciting year for BlissDom with not only a venue change but also more incredible content, events, networking and surprises scheduled than ever before. The size of our conference is perfect–full of synergy and opportunity, but intimate enough to get personally benefit from the professional development and personally fulfilling agenda options.

We are dedicated to making sure each of our 1000 attendees has a meaningful weekend learning, connecting and cultivating inspiration for her blog, her business, her family and her life. Our partners are excited to support your bliss by sponsoring a rich schedule of experts, a gorgeous time in fabulous Dallas, TX, and an unforgettable event attracting the most amazing and influential women you can imagine!

Who Should Attend BlissDom?

  • Women who find bliss by blogging and spending time on Internet social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.
  • Women who love to learn more in a supportive, relaxed environment.
  • Busy ‘mom’ writers, bloggers and business women who need a break to reflect and grow.
  • PR pros and marketers who want to perfect their digital strategies and develop relationships with influential bloggers.
  • People who are new to blogging or blogging conferences and want to know what it’s all about.
  • Internet veterans who want a fresh perspective and cutting edge developments.
  • YOU!

The History of BlissDom

If you want to know the real story, here it is. Alli Worthington and Barbara Jones (who met through Twitter) were going to throw a small party after a one-day blogging event in Nashville in October of 2008. When that event was cancelled, Alli said to Barbara, ‘Why don’t we just do it ourselves?’ They did and BlissDom was born. Since Alli was the founder of the online women’s magazine Blissfully Domestic, they shortened the name and called it BlissDom. (That’s why the ‘D’ is capitalized in case you were wondering.)

Alli wanted to give the beautiful partners she knew from her magazine Blissfully Domestic and throughout the blogosphere a conference that was a little different: one that lacked hot-button topics and negativity. Instead, Alli wanted to create an uplifting gathering in the heartland of Tennessee, for women who wanted to share lots of support and encouragement to build blogs that fit their lives, personal goals and values. A smaller, meaningful conference, in the warm and welcoming South, where women would be invited to make themselves at home, define their bliss, and find the tools and lasting support they need to succeed–without being lost in a crowd.

Barbara, who runs Blissful Media Group, is a vanguard social media marketing professional. Barbara and Alli found they shared a deep desire to offer bloggers meaningful tools and support. Their shared ideals naturally led to the perfect partnership to boost BlissDom’s reach: Alli continued to gather an inspiring community of bliss seekers, and Barbara aligned BlissDom with sponsorship relationships and created a powerhouse environment for professional development and networking. The dynamic balance of their visions, and their passion for quality and community, make BlissDom a must-attend conference for social media mavens, online publishers and sponsors.

The smashing success of the 2008 event led to calls for a command repeat performance which sold out in early 2009. Paula Bruno, who is also Barbara’s business partner in Blissful Media Group, joined the BlissDom Events team in 2009 and helped take BlissDom’10 to the next level with her keen business savvy, dedication to the vision and strong sponsorship relationships. BlissDom will grow to 1000 attendees strong and it’s sold out each year with no plans to grow much larger…intentionally.

Blissful Media Group

Blissful Media Group is a women-owned and operated company that creates authentic content with some of the best and brightest talents from the blogging world and has the ability to distribute this content on the most credible and influential sites consumed by women and moms daily.

The combination of expertise in sponsored and earned media, word of mouth marketing and media buying delivers robust integrations with publisher’s platforms including various social networks, giving brands the opportunity to have messaging delivered in an impactful and trustworthy fashion.

Blissful Media Group’s mission is to develop and facilitate beneficial partnerships and impactful programs between brands and women online publishers via social media. Blissful Media Group properties include BlissDom Events, women/moms word of mouth marketing & blog network One2One Network, women’s magazine Blissfully Domestic, real women webisodes BlissTV and our BMG Talent & Partnerships division. For more information about each division, visit Blissful Media Group.

Blissful Media Group’s parent company, Intuition Marketing, was founded in 2008 by CEO Barbara Jones, a seasoned marketing executive formerly in the music/entertainment industry. She is also a sought-after speaker and consultant on marketing, social media and word of mouth marketing involving women and moms.  She happily works in the NYC Tri-State area but dreams of living in the mountains and snowboarding.  She has mastered composing emails on her iPhone from a chairlift without dropping it (yet).  Barbara is married and has three kids who inspire her daily. You can connect with her on Twitter @barbarajones.

Paula Bruno serves as President of Blissful Media Group, BlissDom Events and Intuition Marketing. She has over two decades of business experience. In 1996, she co-founded United Rentals, Inc., the world’s largest equipment rental company as well as being an angel investor with Golden Seeds. She specializes in strategic planning, risk analysis, financial analysis, and public relations. Paula’s passion surrounds women’s and girl’s economic empowerment. She lives with her husband and two amazing daughters in New Canaan, CT. You can find her on Twitter as @paulabruno.