Get Ready To Find Your Bliss!

Have you heard the news? Big plans are in the works for BlissDom 2013 in Dallas, Texas! We’re lining up speakers, community leaders, networking opportunities and a host of fabulous events for a simply spectacular weekend. We’re nearly bursting with excitement as we prepare to tell you what we have up our sleeves! Have you bought your ticket yet?

Check out some of our friends from past conferences sharing with us what BlissDom means to them!

Tell us in the comments how you would describe BlissDom to someone who has never been. If this will be your first time, tell us what you hope to find at BlissDom 2013!


  1. Sarahviz says:

    Blissdom, to me, is Community and Sharing and lots and lots of Tweeting!

  2. Kacey says:

    After hearing everyone rave about Blissdom, I was thrilled to hear it’s going to be in my area next year. You said what do I hope to find, but from what everyone has said, I’m pretty sure my wish list will be taken care of–new Blogger buddies, a notebook full of insider’s scoop on how to amp up my blog, inspiration and ideas for big dreams. What I’m not looking forward to are the sore feet from too much dancing!

  3. Blissdom is. It’s exactly what you need at that moment when you don’t know how to describe what it is you’re looking for. Blissdom is a room full of strangers that will soon be your friends. Blissdom is a moment where tears are the universal language. Blissdom is finding that treasure inside you that you never knew existed. It’s love and hope and renewal. Blissdom is laughter and a belief that kindness is the real currency that will change the world. Blissdom is me!

  4. Women. Friendship. Empowerment. Knowledge.

  5. Bissdom is possibility.

  6. Bridget says:

    This is the post I wrote after my first Blissdom. And it’s still just as true for every other year. I absolutely love the Blissdom community and I’m so incredibly grateful for the relationships that have grown from it.

  7. Neely says:

    Blissdom is inspiring! This will be my third :)

  8. Kim says:

    Blissdom is the one conference where I know I can truly be myself and not only be accepted, but loved, honored and praised. It recharges my batteries and fills my soul.

  9. Melissa says:

    I view Blissdom as an inspiring experience full of knowledge and new friendships! Cannot wait!

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