Bringing Your Baby To BlissDom?

Are you traveling to Dallas with an extra bundle of smiles and tiny giggles bouncing on your hip?

First thing to know: BlissDom loves babies! If you don’t want us cooing and talking to and offering to hold your tiny one, be prepared to shoo us away. We know, we know – we shouldn’t touch her too much, but she’s just too precious!

Several of our attendees have brought along their little ones in years past and they’ve stored up some helpful tips and noteworthy hints for making the most of a conference while caring for your baby. Check out what they have to say!

And just so we’re clear: we promise we won’t steal him, but we can’t guarantee we won’t steal a little smooch!

“There will be lots of other babies there. If you forgot something, I’m sure there is another Mom happy to help out. Or locals with cars if there is a blow out and no more outfits. Remember most of the women attending are moms. They understand a little crying. Don’t let it stress you. There is lots of open space around the sponsors set-ups, just outside the session doors where you can wander around and get a change of scenery. You just may end up chatting with a sponsor instead of hearing the second half of that session. Or? You may end up in your room, napping and getting your little one ready for the next session. It’s okay.
I definitely got what I came to get out of Blissdom, even with a baby. My Bliss only looked slightly different than everyone else’s.”


“There are two important aspects to bringing a baby into conference sessions without being a distraction to others (but also being able to benefit yourself). The first is knowing your baby. Does s/he take off crawling the moment you set him or her down? Then you might want to keep them contained in a sling or pack. Is s/he a happy squawker? Then you might consider keeping a pacifier on hand. What kinds of things entertain your baby? Keep several options handy.”
AllisonO of O My FamilyPart One and Part Two



“I went to the conference with a carefully considered and open agenda. My job first and foremost was to attend to Paul, and spend a few relaxing days away from the craziness of home.

I loved the conference! Even with all the time spent caring for Paul, I still managed to learned a ton about social media, and found a few moments to connect with friends.”

Emily of DesignHER Momma for Babble

Will you have a tiny tag-along this year? Or have you had one in the past? Tell us your most helpful tip!


  1. I’m bringing my little guy and I’ll definitely be overpacking. Never can have too many diapers and clothes! :)

  2. Heather Buen says:

    I love these suggestions. Mine are a little older so I will have a sitter. In fact I’ve used and found some fantastic sitters there.

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