BlissDom Welcomes Back (and Swoons Over) Chris Mann!

Chris Mann RoadsWe’re excited to tell you that we’re able to bring back our friend Chris Mann to perform on Friday night at BlissDom 13!  This is the same guy who performed for us first in 2009 at the tiny Hotel Preston.  This is the same guy who secretly learned the whole flash mob dance (to a Miley Cyrus song no less – now THAT’s dedication) at BlissDom 2011 and jumped right in to surprise the heck out of the Bliss Chicks. AND he’s the same guy who made it to the TOP 2 FINALISTS on last season of The Voice!  W00t!

We’re not only thrilled to have him back but we’re completely wowed by the fact that he has his very own PBS Special called A Mann For All Seasons that is airing in March right before BlissDom.  (Do you even ‘get’ how major that is for a new artist??  HUGE!).  Why not watch the video promo below and then plan to watch the show leading up to BlissDom as a sort of pre-conference psych-up experience.  Watch while you’re making your packing list, practice your networking elevator pitch between songs and work on your taking-a-photo-with-a-celebrity-smile in the mirror so you’re ready to meet Chris at BlissDom.  Just a few suggestions…

Chris has also released his first album called Roads which you can check out on his site and follow him on Twitter at @iamchrismann and stop by his Facebook Page to say hi and let him know you’re looking forward to seeing him in March.

Chris Mann – PBS Special Promo – A Mann For All Seasons airing in March 2013

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