BlissDom Conferences: In Your Words

Since 2008, BlissDom has been bringing us together once a year to share our talents, our stories and our successes. And every year, you tell us what you thought – on your websites, in your conversations, in your photos and more. We’re starting a series on
BlissDom: In Your Words, bringing your posts and thoughts on BlissDom to our community.

This is a great post from January of 2012, from FrannyBolsa – a BlissDom 2012 Newcomer – on why she chose to start writing and why she decided she needed to go to BlissDom, despite her intimidation factors (such lovely honesty!) And were those fears founded? Read her follow up post to find out:

“Now there’s lots of things swirling in my head. Simmering.  There will definately be some behind the scenes changes.  I’m working hard to be a better writer.  Maybe we’ll gussy this place up a bit.  Other ideas are taking shape in my head.   I’m willing to work crazy hard to make them happen.”

2012 Community Leader Sherry Carr-Smith from Paper Scissors Keyboard wrote about her thoughts around attending her first Blissdom last February:

“Here’s the deal about Blissdom, it’s about inclusion. Inclusion of new bloggers, experienced bloggers, women who use blogging to express a hobby, women who make a living with their blogs, all races, all abilities, and more. Since the conference started the speakers have been invited because they are inspirational and educational. Blissdom attendees learn and network and grow. Partnerships are built and friendships are made. And, like other blogging conferences, Blissdom is often the only time when some online friends see each other in real life. Basically, Blissdom is awesome covered in glitter.”

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