BlissDom Changes Lives – A Synchroblog

BlissDom Changes Lives, the Synchroblog

How is your life different today because you’ve attended BlissDom?

We want to hear from you!

Ashleigh told us of realizing her voice could be cultivated, her story was important, and her goals were attainable.

Edie said that nearly every awesome thing that has happened for her and her blog can be traced back to people she met at BlissDom.

Now it’s your turn.

Write your BlissDom #LifeChange story. Tell us about the conferences you’ve attended. Show us the friends you’ve made. Let us know how your business and art is better today because of what you’ve heard and who you’ve met.

Post on your website. Link up here. Follow #LifeChange on Twitter.

Be inspired.


While we love reading recaps from past events, we do prefer that you link to new posts. Thanks!


  1. I left Blissdom SO incredibly inspired and with dozens of new friends all across the US. With each session I attended I gained more and more insight and for the first time in almost a year – I started believing in myself again as a writer. Hearing others speak of their own past self-doubts and reassuring hiccups they were able to overcome gave me so much power.
    I have been unable to start a book I was meant to begin penning last year. On my flight home from Blissdom the words began pouring out, I could not stop them if I tried.
    A huge thank you to the ladies that made that weekend happen, it has changed my life.

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