A Special Message from Jon Acuff

Just like you, Jon Acuff Loves BlissDom!  He’s a BlissDom Alumni – and the experience he had at BlissDom ’12 convinced him that he had to come back and share his new message with us at BlissDom ’13.

Jon as sent us a very special message to get you psyched for BlissDom ’13. View the video below to find out what Jon loves about BlissDom and a sneak peek at the great material he’s planning for you at the conference. Check it out!


  1. Welcome back to BlissDom, Jon! Looking forward to your keynote and your session. ~ Sara

  2. Mandy Rose says:

    Really excited that Jon Acuff will be back this year! He was BY FAR my favorite part of Blissdom 2012! I will definitely be attending his session!

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